Frequently asked

What is Zeeves?

Zeeves - is a Telegram-based Zilliqa wallet and activity tool, thourgh which you can create Zilliqa account and interact with Zilliqa ecosystem.

Is it secure?

It is completely secure as far as all private keys are stored only on your device. When you register - you get QR code, which contains your private key, encrypted with password. QR code is sent to your email and will be needed to restore your account in case you remove it. Private key itself is stored in the browser cache on your device.

What can I do inside Zeeves?

You can manage your Zilliqa wallet, participate in Zilliqa community activities and create activities yourself - using quizzes, loyalty programs we do from time to time etc. You can earn $ZIL using Zilswap, connect to ZilStream to see your crypto investments portfolio etc. Zilliqa community managers also often set up a lot of activities on Zeeves.

I deleted my account. Can I restore it?

Yes, you can go to the bot and choose "Import account" on initial page. You can find some useful instructions here as well.

If I lost my QR code, can I restore my account after it was deleted?

Unfortunately, no.

I got my QR, but forgot password. Can I restore my account?


What if I got any other questions?

Please contact us at any of our social media or write an email to

Contact us at or in case of any problem

Go to the bot